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  • Endre Farkas

ProemCard from Montreal

The word “proem” means a preamble to a book or speech. I have “re-appropriated” it and created a new genre, the “ProemCard.” I have been writing ProemCards for a number of years. I write them whenever I am travelling or am somewhere other than home.

A ProemCard is a poem that combines prose and poetry and the spirit of the postcard. “ProemCard from Montreal” was meant to be my last birthday gift to Montreal on its 375th birthday but it took a bit longer, (in Montreal construction is never completed on time) so now it is a belated ProemCard. It is a 'best wishes' and a 'wish you were here' proem. It is also a satiric proem. The satire is of post- modernist and deconstructionist poetry. And finally, “ProemCard from Montreal” is an ode to the eternal infrastructurist-constructionists of Montreal.

(Note: The text in parentheses is the commentary.)

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