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The Unveiling  of A.M Klein

Klein's son Sandor at the unveiling, Nov. 19, 2017

Photos from my 2009 play about A.M. Klein HAUNTED HOUSE

Eric Hausknost, Paula Jean Hixson

Chris Moore, Audrey Stein, Nem Jevtovic, Paula Jean Hixson

Chris Moore, Eric Hausknost

Eric Hausknost as A.M. Klein

Nem Jevtovic Chris Moore,

Paula Jean Hixson, Eric Hausknost

Nem Jevtovic, Paula Jean Hixson, Audrey Stein, Saro Saroyan, Chris Moore

Nem Jevtovic, Audrey Stein

Saro Saroyan, Chris Moore, Eric Hausknost, Nem Jevtovic, Audrey Stein

Saro Saroyan, Chris Moore


performed at the Segal Center 2009

Directed by Liz Valdez

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