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Home Game is a novel of return and the coming of age in the sixties. It is about change, being an immigrant/exile and having to make choices which have grave consequences. It is about friendship, family and the conflicts created by trying to do the right thing.

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Of Home Game, Jack Todd of the Montreal Gazette says, ”Endre Farkas writes with the same meticulous aplomb whether he’s chronicling the inner workings of a soccer ‘friendly’ in Hungary at the height of the Cold War, the brutal oppression of the post-1956 police state in the country where he was born, or the burgeoning sexual and artistic freedoms in Montreal in the late 1960s. In Home Game, the sequel to his highly praised novel Never, Again, he deftly builds the suspense to almost unbearable levels, proving that the best literary fiction can also be a real page-turner.”


Wednesday      March 11, 2020       Beaconsfield Library                                                   1:00       Free. Open to the Public 

Thursday          March 12, 2020        John Abbott College



Tuesday          March 31, 2020        University of Szeged, Hungary

Wednesday    April 1, 2020              Eötvös Lorand University, Hungary

Thursday        April 2, 2020              Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Hungary

Tuesday          April 7, 2020              University of Debrecen, Hungary

Wednesday    April 8,  2020             University of Debrecen, Hungary

Thursday        April 16, 2020            University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Monday          April 20, 2020            The House of Art and Literature, Pécs, Hungary      18:00     Free. Open to the Public 

Tuesday          April 21, 2020            University of Pécs, Hungary

Tuesday          April 28, 2020            University of Masaryk, Czech Republic

Launch of HOME GAME  at the Atwater  Library October 23, 2019

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West Island Launch of HOME GAME 

at TWIGS Café  in Ste. Anne de Bellevue

Nov. 19, 2019

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Saturday, May 25, 2019

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             Endre Farkas, Carolyn Marie Souaid, Phillip Ross White & Michel Bonneau

                              Welcome you to and Evening in the Muses’ Company:


                                   An evening of poetry; from sound to speech.

                              An evening of music; from breath to beat.

                                   An evening of poetry; from page to stage.

                               An evening of music; from moment to moment.

                                   An evening of poetry; from word to world.

                              An evening of music; from harmony to cacophony.


                                         @ Café Shaika 5526 Sherbrooke Ouest

                                                      Saturday May 25, 2019


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Ross, Michel & Endre.jpeg

Michel, Ross,& Endre rehearsing Love in Quebec

Carolyn & Ross discussing The City of Everything

Sunday, May 5, 2019

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Lessons 01.jpg

Arabic Lesson #1




In 2013, Carolyn Marie Souaid and I enrolled in a class to learn Arabic. It was an unofficial class given by a recently arrived Israeli Palestinian, Anwar Alhjooj. He had been a lawyer in Israel. He is now director of Montreal City Mission. There were about seven of us, who met once a week to grasp the sounds, words and phrases of a language that had me tearing out what little hair I had left. The subtle, silent consonants and throaty diphthongs were almost inaccessible to my tone-deaf ears, mind and lips.  But the real lessons turned out to be more the discussions (mainly in English) about politics and culture with occasional focus on the meaning of words, pronunciation and syntax.  The wall of language became a bridge and the experience, the genesis of the play Arabic Lessons.

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Endre Farkas, Sophie Stone Michel Bonneau, Adrian Marquis Manicom, Rebecca Bauer

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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

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Duke Eatmon of Radio Noon (CBC 88.5 or 104.7 FM) has invited me to be on his show Tuesday April 23 (12:00-1:00) (Shakespeare’s birthday) to talk about National Poetry Month. I will be focusing on Montreal English Poetry and poets for a whole hour!  I will talk about its past, present and maybe its future, its role, its duty, its soul. I will read poems by Montreal poets. You are invited/encouraged to call in to ask questions, to tell us of your encounter with Montreal poets and poetry. Do you have a favourite poet, poem(s)? Does poetry have any relevance in this time and place?

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