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  • Endre Farkas

Wrongs & Rights

Human Rights Museum Winnipeg

Winnipeg Sept 28, 2016

I'm at the Thin Air Literary Festival in Winnipeg. Pleased to be invited, happy to have a novel published.

Never, Again. Signature Editions.

Please buy.

Okay, promo done.

Went to the Human Rights Museum. From the outside, it looks like a silver helmet of a knight errant, maybe Don Quixote, ready to do battle against Sir Dragon of Human Wrongs.

Designed by Antoine Predock.

I walked its seven-floor labyrinthian walk, stopped at the human wrongs of times, places and ways & means. There were, are and will be wrongs displayed, lamented, worried about and righted. I hope. Even if not, in this place of hope, it is.

This place should be compulsory for world leaders, tyrants, dictators, bigots, racists, anti other than white and every other exploiter, destroyer that I haven’t mentioned. It shouldn’t be just the choir that attends.

I went to read at the University of Manitoba. On the way back from the reading, my German Canadian born volunteer driver, offered her profoundest apology for the holocaust.

How does one accept such an apology? On a personal level, it felt awkward but on the other, it was a human wrong righted.

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