Hungary, Something's Eating You. Part 5

The Whistle Blowers Part Five Hungary Something is Eating you. Evening October 23, 2016 We were in the kitchen eating Z’s delicious homemade goulash and watching Duna TV, the state-controlled station. We watched clips of Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s short speech at the celebration. According to the magazine 168 Óra, a magazine that defines itself as a critical civic-intellectual weekly, Orban wanted the event, his speech included, to grab the young. He had ordered his event planners to make it “fancyk, trendik and sexik.” He spoke mainly of Hungary being for true Hungarians, of the sacrifice of the freedom fighters of ‘56 being the defenders of Hungarian values and Hungary being the defende

Montreal 375

The Agony of Being an Expos Fan It's like having your fines innocent hopes shattered, your heart ground to dust. Your pancreas has been removed and now you must eat pure sugar. You have many questions that will always remain unanswered. What was the cosmic attraction between Ron Leflore, Tim Raines, Terry Francona and the left field wall? Who stole Steve Rogers' fastball? Was Rodney SAcott the finger in the dyke? Did Bill Lee put a macrobiotic curse on the team? Was John McHale in league with the devil. Whatever happened to the team of the eighties? (you suspect it was traded or sold down the river) You watch the current team play, and sigh. You miss Al Oliver, Gary Carter, Scott Sanderson,

Montreal 375

Carolyn Marie Souaid is a poet and author whose first book of fiction, Yasmeen Haddad Loves Joanasi Maqaittik (published by Baraka Books), will be launched in Montreal, Tuesday, October 24 at 7:00 pm at La Vitrola (3rd floor) - 4602 boul. St. Laurent. Be there for the launch, bannock, baklava and throat singing. For more information go to Ms. Souaid's website here. For more than half a century, the Ruby Foo’s brand has been a Montreal tradition. The restaurant opened in the late 50’s and became the place to see and be seen. Politicians, Broadway stars, movie actors, as well as the business and sporting elite all made Ruby Foo’s an in-spot. It was class personified, fun and lively. But it

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