Hungary Something is Eating You. Part 4

Part Four October 23, 2016 Bucket list 3. Witness the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the ’56 uprising. A was worried. She didn’t want Z and me to go to the celebration. She expected trouble. My 91-year-old mother who survived the Holocaust and who risked her life to escape from Hungary told me before I left to keep my mouth shut and stay away from crowds. Silence didn’t do her any good during the Holocaust. Keeping away from crowds and mobs I could understand. Z and I decided to go. A decided to come along. But first I wanted to go back to the Turkish Bath area to look for my phone. We drove back to where we had parked the day before. Every few feet I lay on my belly and looked under

Hungary Something is Eating You. Part 3

Part Three October 22, 2016 I had a Hungarian bucket list for this visit. 1. Turkish Bath I wanted to go to a genuine Turkish bath. I was hoping that the shwitz would help me with my cold. I also wanted to cleanse myself and be pure for the celebration. Z and I went to the Király Thermal Baths on Fö utza (MainSt.) just on the Buda side of the Danube. It was 500 hundred years old. And looked it. It was not where the tourist went. The tourists tended to go to the more modern, posh ones near Geller Mountain. This was where the locals went. The outside of this two-storey stucco plaster-peeling, Hapsburg-looking building was half below road level. Soon as we entered, I could smell the difference

Hungary, Something is Eating You. Part 1 & 2

Part One October 20, 2016 Even though I have flown many times, I cannot be but awed and scared each time by this most unhuman act. Birds do it, bees do it, mosquitoes do it, even microbes do it; it’s in their nature. But it’s not in ours. We do it because of our consciousness, curiosity, imagination, desire, will to go where we have never gone before. We defy our limitations and we overcome what seems impossible. Four hundred and sixteen of us, not counting captain and crew and tons of luggage are stuffed into a metal bird that flies at 500 to 600 miles per hour at 39000 thousand feet among and above the clouds, over land and water for hours. I hardly let go of the armrests and grip them mor

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