Advice to a Young Poet

You know you are old when young writers write to ask for advice. I have received a number of letters over the past few years asking for my insights and practical knowledge. Each strike me as a memento mori. But not only as a memento mori but also as a moment to reflect upon what got me into the business and what keeps me feeling like I am a victim of the Myth of Sisyphus and in a masochistic way loving it. So when I got this latest request for advice on how to break into the publishing industry, I decided to gather some of my thoughts and bits of advice and put them down. I may add more bits and pieces and thoughts when I feel like it. Advice to a young poet. You asked me for advice on how

Son of Saul Review

Son of Saul By Endre Farkas The Hungarian Free Press I just saw Son of Saul. It was a powerful, intense, painful experience. I am a child (not so young anymore) of Holocaust survivors. My mother was in Auschwitz and my father was in Mauthausen. I had heard many stories, especially from my father, about their days in hell. I have seen a number of films about the concentration camp experience, including Schindler’s List, The Pianist, and Life is Beautiful but I have never seen a film that made me feel the unimaginable horrors of this experience in such an intense way. I know quite a bit about the kinds of things that went on in the camps but none of these stories

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